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Previous Studies

Since passenger service between Reading and Philadelphia ended in 1981, people have been trying to find ways to bring it back.  Over the years, many studies have been performed but none have led to successful restoration of passenger rail.  Although the SRPRA effort is new in several ways, from its character as intercity passenger rail to the availability of federal funding, we have carefully considered the work done before to fully leverage those efforts.  The studies listed below have all provided insights to benefit the current effort.  Although not a study per se, the SRPRA application to enter the Federal Railroad Administration’s Corridor Identification and Development Program is included because it includes the most current thinking regarding various topics, from route alignment to rolling stock.

Schuylkill Valley Metro Corridor Station Area Planning and Implementation Study (2003)
Schuylkill Valley Rail Assessment Study (2005)
Schuylkill Valley Metro Task Force Study (2007)
SVMTF Summary Report
R6 Norristown Line Service Extension Study (2008)
Preliminary Feasibility Study Interim Report for Passenger Rail Service Between Phoenixville and Philadelphia (2020)
Berks Alliance Study (2020)
PennDOT 2020 Study

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