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There are substantial positive impacts on all communities that will be served by a Reading to Philadelphia passenger rail line.

Benefit #1

Economic Development

Restoring rail service between Reading and Philadelphia could have a positive impact on the local economy, as it could bring new business and investment to the communities along the route.

Recent studies have determined that this service has the potential to create $1.4 billion of income generation, over $1 billion of new property development and existing property value increases. It could also create new job opportunities in the transportation sector and help connect residents to jobs in neighboring communities.*

* Restoring Passenger Rail Service to Berks County, PA, July 2020, Exhibit 9-17, Transportation, Economics and Management Systems, Inc

Benefit #2

Equity and Economic Empowerment

The proposed intercity rail service from Reading through Philadelphia and beyond would serve as a conduit for growth and small business development, particularly in predominantly minority and underserved communities along the route.

This service would provide increased access to job opportunities, arts and entertainment venues, small businesses, and other community assets, unlocking economic opportunities and empowering residents in these communities. The passenger rail system would also connect these communities with larger cities along the East Coast, providing even more access to resources and opportunities for economic empowerment.

It has the potential to add 28,000 additional person-years of work.

Additional Person-Years of Work
Benefit #3

Increased Mobility

Restoring rail service between Reading and Philadelphia would provide a reliable and efficient transportation option for people traveling between the two cities, as well as for those living in the communities along the route. This would allow for increased mobility, as people would have an alternative to driving.

The potential for future connections to Harrisburg and Allentown could extend this benefit to additional communities and significantly transform travel in the south eastern Pennsylvania region.

Benefit #4

Lower Transportation Costs

Using rail transportation can often be more cost-effective than driving, especially for longer distances. Restoring rail service between Reading and Philadelphia could provide an affordable transportation option for people who are looking to save money on their trip.

Benefit #5

Improved Air Quality

Rail transportation is generally more environmentally friendly than driving, as it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Restoring rail service between Reading and Philadelphia could help to improve air quality in the region, as fewer people would be driving and emitting pollutants into the air.

In addition, the new Amtrak Ario trains that will service the proposed route are more fuel efficient and produce 90% less particulate emissions in diesel operations.

Learn more about the Amtrak Airo HERE.

Benefit #6

Reduced Traffic Congestion

Reduction in vehicle congestion with an estimated 1.5-1.8 million rail riders on the train and off the road.

Restoring rail service could help to reduce traffic congestion on the roads between Reading and Philadelphia, specifically the 422 corridor, as more people would be able to take the train instead of driving. This could lead to shorter commute times and a more pleasant travel experience for those who do choose to drive.

Rail Riders on the Train and Off the Road